New Member Information Sheet

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Member Information Sheet 

Please fill out this form to confirm your membership and tell us a little about yourself. 

Attach your dues in exact change or a check made out to the Society of Women in Business. 

  Please return to Nina Reimer (Treasurer) or the SWB mailbox in BIF 1055

(ask secretary to put in mailbox, checks only please) by 10/1/2013. 



Net ID: 

Permanent Email Address:

Expected Graduation Date:


Other Campus Involvements:


Prior Work/Internship Experience:


How did you hear about us?

____Quad Day   ____Business Quad Day   ____Transfer Orientation

____Activity Day  ____Advertisement/Flyer   ____Referred by a Friend  ____Other


Friend who referred you: _____________________


Dues:         __    Semester $20                 __    Full Year $30


Thank you!  We look forward to your involvement with SWB!

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