SWB Charitable Contribution

Posted by Aliyea Rizai on Saturday, October 5, 2013 Under: SWB Info

Society of Women in Business is excited to announce that our charitable contribution this semester will be going to The Center for Women in Transition. For every $1 a member donates, SWB will donate $5 (up to $1,000). Donations will be collected at every SWB event this semester, or you can put the donation in our mailbox in BIF 1055 (ask the secretary to put it in the SWB mailbox). Help us reach our goal of a $200 member donation matched by a $1,000 SWB donation!

The Center for Women in Transition exists to empower women and their children. The agency provides housing and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness or who are victims of domestic violence. The Center has a long history of service in Champaign-Urbana, and they continue their work in the community by expanding the services they provide.

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