• Each semester SWB matches freshman and sophmore members with junior and seniors members through our optional mentoring program.
  • Mentors and mentees are matched based on major, professional and academic goals, and general interests.
  • There are 4 events held specifically for the mentoring program each semester.
  • Meeting with your mentor/mentee at the mentoring program events and outside of the program is rewarded based on the below points system:
    • 3 points for attending a mentoring program event together
    • 2 points for attending a general SWB event together
    • 2 points for meeting on your own time (send a picture to the Mentoring Program Chair to gain your points)
    • 1 point for completing the Mentoring Program feedback survey

***The points earned through the Mentoring Program DO NOT correlate to any requirements needed to obtain active or elite member status within SWB.

Contact our Mentoring Program Chair, Danaya Siripun, with any questions regarding the Mentoring Program.