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SWB is looking for applicants to fill our committees and other important positions! These positions are open to all members of SWB and are great resume boosters and leadership experience!

Below are the positions that need to be filled, along with their descriptions. Applications are attached.

If you are interested in applying please fill out the application and send it, along with a copy of your resume to by midnight on Friday, September 7th.

Digital Media Committee 

Keeping the entire club informed on its happenings is an essential vertebra in SWB’s backbone.  This semester we will be promoting the SWB website. This group will put together monthly articles updating members about past events and informing them about up-coming events.  Members will also create fun blurbs about SWB and new member of the month column. This committee will consist of 3-4 members so articles will be split up accordingly.

Creative Design Committee

Promotional items and the SWB board in Wohler’s are an important aspect of SWB.  The items allow girls to wear their SWB pride and promote our organization whether it is at an event or around campus.  The SWB board in Wohler’s will be updated on a monthly basis and is key as it gives students their first impression of SWB. If you are interested in design or want to have a say in the look of our apparel, this is the committee for you!

Marketing Committee

It is the duty of this group to spread the word around campus about events, primarily professional events since they are open to the entire College of Business. Marketing for our professional events will include writing on boards in the classroom, external outreach, and other miscellaneous marketing initiatives.  Overall, the objective is to get SWB's name out there, encourage people to want to get involved, and positively strengthen our brand.  

External Events Chair

This chair will be responsible for arranging reservations and conducting communication around small Professional Events.  This chair must have a professional demeanor and strong networking skills to interact with company representatives.  She must be responsible and timely with communication and emails.  This member must be knowledgeable on the business world and will conduct research on the companies that we arrange events with.

Internal Relations Chair

The Member Information Chair will be responsible for compiling data for all current and past SWB members and managing the GoogleDoc throughout the semester. This job is very important for current SWB members and companies interested in recruiting SWB members. The ideal applicant for this job will be timely, organized, and passionate about SWB.

New Member Enrichment Chair

The New Member Enrichment Chair will work directly with the Mentoring Chair to plan two events for the new members this semester. The goal is to get new members engaged in SWB and get to know one another when the semester begins.

Photography Chair

The goal is to market SWB through photographs and videos displayed on the website, newsletters, and marketing material. The Photography Chair will be responsible for taking quality pictures at each of the SWB events and providing the files to the Webmaster.

Social Media Chair

The Social Media Chair will work directly with the Webmaster. The goal is to utilize social media websites to promote SWB and provide members with information. The Social Media Chair will be responsible for maintaining, updating, and promoting SWB's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn websites.

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