CommuniLink Event

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CommuniLink Event

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to our philanthropy event for CommuniLink. The event was a success and we were able to reach our goal of 100 letters! 

Thank you from the other founders of CommuniLink:
Society of Women in Business, 

Thank you for all of your efforts to help propel CommuniLink forward at the event on Tuesday. The three of us whom started this organization have a distinct vision of helping the community in which we grew up, and I speak for all of us when I say we are grateful for your help in furthering this vision. I am sure Katie was able to share some beneficial insights regarding  start-ups and non-profits, and I hope you took away some insights from our story. If any of you want to discuss CommuniLink in further detail, or discuss anything mentioned in Tuesday's presentation, feel free to ask Katie for my contact information. I'd be happy to return a helping hand to any of you. 

Thanks again, and best of luck this semester and year in all your endeavors. 

To the members of the Society of Women in Business, 

Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in the Society
of Women in Business's event benefiting CommuniLink. As a new
non-profit, we are so grateful to have any help we can get. Your
research has paved the way for us to make invaluable connections down
the road. These connections will ultimately be the livelihood of

We're extremely passionate about this project, and it means so much to
us to be able to share and work on it with others.

Thank you again,

If you would like to stay connected with CommuniLink check them out on Facebook and Twitter!


Twitter: @CommuniLinkNEWS

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