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September 2012

A Special Invitation

I would like to invite the members of the Society of Women in Business to join us at our Diversity Night event.  This invite-only event will help you understand our firm culture and what we really mean when we say we are a diverse firm.  At Deloitte, we thrive from the unique perspectives we can not only offer to our clients but also to our fellow colleagues.   

At Diversity Night, you will have the opportunity to meet several of our Business Resource Group’s (BRGs) leaders and respective members.  You’ll be able to learn more about a large breadth of BRGs – what their mission statements are, what their goals for the future are, and most importantly what it all means to you and how you can look forward to being involved.  Creating a diverse workplace for women, minorities and people from all backgrounds isn’t just something we talk about – we do it.  Come find out how!


Event Details


Diversity Night

When: Monday, September 17th (6-9pm)

Where: Illini Union room 314 A **note location change


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to returning to campus and seeing you at some of our events!


Bleeding orange and blue through and through, 

*Please note that this event focuses on the several positions at Deloitte Consulting: Business Technology Analyst (BTA), Human Capital Analyst (HCA), Business Technology Analyst Summer Scholar, and Human Capital Analyst Summer Scholar.  

To find out more about Deloitte and our Analyst Programs, please visit our website at


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