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Posted by Jamie Anderson on Friday, March 9, 2012 Under: Outside Opportunity
My name is Annelise Docel, and I’m the new president of Illini Dance
Marathon.  In case you aren’t familiar with Dance Marathon, it’s a one
night event in February (for 2013 it will be either Friday, February
22nd or Saturday February 23rd) that raises money for St. John's
Children's Hospital. Participants will fundraise during the weeks
leading up to the event and then spend the entire marathon on their
feet, dancing, participating in activities, playing games, eating, and
listening to St. John’s patients’ amazing stories.   Essentially,
Illini Dance Marathon is a non-for-profit business, but the employees
are all unpaid.

We just had our event this past Friday, and we raised nearly $50,000
for St. John's—almost doubling our total from last year.  A huge part
of our success is due to effective marketing and fundraising, and
unfortunately, many of our marketing and fundraising committee
members, as well as our public relations and entertainment coordinators,
are graduating this spring.

I wanted to reach out to you because I thought maybe some members of
SWB would be interested in the unique opportunity of helping to build
this non-for-profit organization by using their business skills.  I’m
looking for organized, personable individuals who are willing to
actively seek out sponsorships for Illini DM by cold calling, walk
into organizations, and networking.

If interested in learning more about Dance Marathon and/or applying for a position, I can be contacted

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