Peace Cord Sales Representative Job Opportunity

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Who is a Peace 
Cord Sales Representative?

 A student like you who wants to make some extra money on campus while doing good and spreading the word about a popular, philanthropic product. If you want to get involved with a nonprofit, promote an artisan, military-inspired accessory, support our troops and make a positive impact in the lives of Afghan  women, this part-time position is what you are looking for - and we would love to hear from you!

The Product:

Peace Cord bracelets, from ARZU STUDIO HOPE and Spirit of America.

These unisex, stylish bracelets have caught the eye ofcelebrities, athletes, musicians, students and members of the military alike. 

Peace Cord bracelets are hand woven out of U.S.-made parachutecord and secured with authentic military uniform buttons. Ranging from $10-$15, these meaningful bracelets are a great way to make a difference in an affordable, accessible way. 
100% of the net proceeds fund projects empowering Afghan women and support the community development programs carried out byU.S. troops in Afghanistan helping to rebuild this war-torn country. Peace Cord has given over 150 women jobs, which include the chance to attend literacy classes and receive health care for the weavers and their family members. 

Check out our Buzz Blog for pictures of our fans Wearing Peace Proudly!

The Position:

Being a Peace Cord Sales Rep means you get to sell these buzzworthybracelets on your campus and earn money from those you sell! Acting as a Peace Cord ambassador is a great way to get involved and give back.
  • We will provide you with all the materials you need - bracelets, sales & marketing materials for social media promotion, instructions, etc.
  • You promote Peace Cord around your campus and on school social media sites, and sell them to your friends, colleagues, at events, student groups - wherever you think Peace Cord will be a hit!
  • You will be paid for each bracelet you sell, with the potential for a bonus for volume sales.

Contact with your resume and for more information. 

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