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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), America’s preeminent bank regulatory agency is looking for highly motivated, dynamic  accounting, finance, economics and other business graduates seeking to take an active role in protecting the safety and soundness of America’s banks as Assistant National Bank Examiners.  We are hiring over 100 entry-level examiners in numerous locations across the country including multiple positions in Champaign, Chicago, and St. Louis. Positons begin in January, February or June 2016.  We are accepting online applications now through October 5, 2015.  To apply, visit





The OCC's primary mission is to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and federal savings associations (also referred to as “banks”).  As an entry-level examiner, you can play a key role in helping:


•             Ensure the safety and soundness of America's national banks and federal savings associations;


•             Provide fair access and equal treatment of financial services; and, 


•             Establish and maintain a flexible regulatory framework that allows America's banks to remain competitive.


Upon joining the OCC, you will be assigned to a training team for period of 5 to 8 months.  On the training team you will receive both on-the-job and formal classroom training, and learn the basic procedures and practices used in our supervisory process. After completion of the training team, you will work alongside experienced examiners continuing to develop your skills while supervising banks. Supervisory work is typically performed at the banks we regulate or at the examiner’s assigned office location.  Dependent upon your office location, you will spend anywhere from 15 to 95 percent in overnight travel performing your job. Estimated overnight travel ranges by hiring office location can be found in the section below.  


As an Assistant National Bank Examiner you will play a dynamic role within the banking industry. In this role, you will:


•             Serve as an entry-level professional in the Midsize and Community Bank Supervision Unit;


•             Assist or conduct bank examinations under the supervision and guidance of experienced national bank examiners;


•             Gather and analyze information through discussions with co-workers and bank management;


•             Review all areas of banking including lending, investments, capital, earnings, interest rate risk, liquidity, and consumer compliance protection programs;


•             Assess compliance with banking laws & regulations; and,


•             Prepare written examination recommendations and reports, which are shared with bank executives, team members, and senior OCC examiners.







Location                               Estimated Overnight Travel Range


Birmingham, AL                                75% to 95%

Boston, MA                                        40% to 55%

Des Moines, IA                                 55% to 75%

Denver, CO                                         50% to 70%

Iron Mountain, MI                           60% to 85%

Kansas City, MO                               30% to 50%

Longview, TX                                     40% to 45%

Lubbock, TX                                        60% to 70%

New York , NY                                   30% to 45%

Oklahoma City, OK                          50% to 65%

Omaha, NE                                         40% to 50%

Philadelphia, PA                               35% to 40%

San Antonio, TX                                                75% to 80%

San Francisco, CA                             40% to 50%

Seattle, WA                                        60% to 80%

Sioux City, IA                                      40% to 60%




Location                               Estimated Overnight Travel Range


Alexandria, MN                                                45% to 60%

Champaign, IL                                    20% to 40%

Chicago (Downers Grove), IL      30% to 50%

Chicago (Schaumburg), IL             30% to 50%

Cincinnati, OH                                    30% to 50%

Cleveland, OH                                   40% to 50%

Columbus, OH                                   30% to 50%

Detroit, MI                                          50% to 60%

Louisville, KY                                      60% to 85%

Milwaukee, WI                                 40% to 60%

Minneapolis, MN                             35% to 55%

New York, NY                                    30% to 45%

Omaha, NE                                         40% to 50%

Pittsburg, PA                                      35% to 40%

Sioux City, IA                                      40% to 60%

Sioux Falls, SD                                    40% to 60%

St. Louis, MO                                     40% to 60%

Syracuse, NY                                      40% to 55%

Wichita, KS                                          40% to 50%




To qualify for the entry-level bank examiner position, you will need:


•             A four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree or 1 full year of graduate level education, with major study in accounting, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing, or other field closely related to the position;


•             Three years of work experience that has provided you with knowledge of accounting or auditing principles.  Such work could include reviewing, analyzing, recommending or approving loan applications, investments, or other actions involving the properties or monies of others held in trust by or for a financial institution; internal accounting or auditing work for a financial institution that required understanding of debits and credits, balance sheets, and operating statements;


•             Equivalent combinations of education and experience;


•             A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate obtained through written examination in a State, territory, or the District of Columbia;




All qualified applicants are required to test and pass an entry-level Knowledge Test, a Written Communication Skills Test, two structured interviews; and receive a favorable adjudication of a criminal and financial background investigation.


The OCC is not accepting applications from non-U.S. citizens for this position. Consistent with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, 8 U.S.C. § 1324b, and other applicable law, applicants who are U.S. citizens are preferred over equally well-qualified applicants who are not U.S. citizens.  An ample number of well-qualified U.S. citizens are expected to apply.




The OCC offers competitive salaries under a performance-based pay plan.  The entry-level examiner starting salary is a non-negotiable at $50,000 per year, plus additional geographical pay for some hiring locations. 


Although part of the federal government, the OCC has a more flexible salary and benefits program than most other government offices.  Many benefits are paid by the agency, at no cost to employee, while others are generously subsidized.  The following provides highlights of the OCC’s benefits programs:


•             Health, dental, and vision insurance;

•             Retirement programs with a total agency contribution of up to 10% per year;

•             Generous holiday and vacation programs (Ten paid holidays; between 13 to 26 days of vacation each year); and,

•             Flexible work schedule (every other Friday off).


To learn more about the OCC and its benefits, please visit



We will be accepting online applications Tuesday, September 8 until Monday, October 5, 2015.  To apply, please

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