Women on the Move

Posted by Jamie Anderson on Friday, March 9, 2012 Under: Outside Opportunity

Women on the Move | Women’s-Only Fitness at the Women’s Resources Center

Thursdays | 7pm-9pm

Weekly Fitness Class + Wellness Talk-Back

The Women’s Resources Center is pleased to announce the beginning of a new wellness series called Women on the Move, a weekly women’s –only fitness class and  safe space for women who for personal or religious reasons may be unable or uncomfortable with working out in co-ed facilities. First come, first served—please arrive early, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and bring a water bottle and towel. Each class features an introductory talk, warm-up, fitness class, and wellness talk-back where students can ask questions about their health! A diversity of fitness classes means students will be introduced to different fitness styles, cultures, and traditions.

Click Here or Here to view flyers.

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